Postcard Direct Mail

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Why do you get postcards in the mail? Because they work! When I was in the financial services field postcards were always part of my most successful campaigns. I brought in millions of dollars of business, yes millions. Consistently dripping on the same recipients built name recognition. Name recognition builds trust. Trust brings in accounts.

You should consider postcard direct mail because:

  • Low cost compared to regular mail.
  • Can be co-oped with other business for an even lower cost. Sometimes as low as 6 cents per house.
  • Doesn't need to be opened. Your potential customer reads your postcard while throwing away the sealed envelope of your competitor.
  • Can target neighborhoods.
  • Can be used to support targeted social media ads.
  • Perfect to be saved as a future reference for customers not ready to buy that day.
  • Drive traffic to your website and landing page by inserting address on card.