Web Site Development

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I started writing code in 1983. I was one of the early people on AOL. The first website that I built for a business was in 2008. Over the years I’ve learned how little I knew then. But it was still a good looking site for the time. The past couple of years has been a great acceleration in my website development skills.

In this website I’ve added many features to give you an idea of what is possible with yours. Poke around then send me an email so we can get started on yours.

Your website is your face to the world. Make it rock. Make it pop. Make an impression. Websites need to be updated as technology improves and changes. Not just for the aesthetics but for security as well. Newer tech is harder to hack. The current trend is minimalist, clean, easy to navigate and with a blog. The importance of a blog should not be overlooked. That’s where prospective buyers get to know you. Marketing has shifted from “sell, sell, sell, overcome objections, close the deal” to needs based selling; finding a need and offering a solution. Potential buyers get to know you better through your blog.

What message does your website send? We’re a growing business up on the newest things and take our image serious? Or… yeah, I think we have a website, haven’t seen it for a few years, we really don’t pay much attention to important business matters? I know which one leads to a growing business and which one kills.

I’m surprised sometimes by a business that does not have a website in 2019. In some states when registering a business with state government, Step 2 is usually get a website. That’s how expected a website is by potential customers.

I’ve seen businesses try to use a Facebook page in place of a website. What happens when Facebook changes or follows through on their recent statement to return to their roots of helping people share information with family and friends. Do their algorithms not show your posts? How do you know? Google will favor a business with a website over their competitor with a Facebook page.

A bigger mistake are the businesses that create a free website like businessname.blogspot.com or businessname.weebly.com. Nothing says “not prepared to be in business” like a free subdomain on someone else’s website.

I’m a freelancer. I build websites at a fair price. I work in the mid-range of the market and have relationships with web developers in the simpler and the more complex. In other words, I can find solutions for you.